One vision

in one formula

The core of HIKU is a software product based on AI technology. All the same, it is, first and foremost, a formula that combines Knowledge, Team, Graph Distributed Data and Neural Network to guide a company's team to make optimal decisions. HIKU captures knowledge, experience and insights to simulate the future and thus guide transformation.

Team and knowledge: the key for responsible decision making

HIKU™ software stimulates idea generation and collaboration between people by harmonizing the team’s different points of view.
It develops a culture of sustainable innovation.

Team and knowledge interact in an exponential way thus generating a complete, intelligible and navigable model.

Through its model, the company defines its own goals in order to simulate the future and to take informed decisions.


A comprehensive paradigm


HIKU™ enables teams across the enterprise to collect and integrate knowledge and data to create a model that can be analyzed and simulated.


By verifying and analyzing the model, objectives are defined and risks and opportunities are assessed.


Predictive neural networks simulate possible realities obtaining sets of potential solutions that maximize the goals required.

The product: from its concept

to the World Digital Twin

From the concept and development phase to the simulation of its use in the virtual environment, a faithful digital copy of the world. HIKU™ allows you to design your product within the World Digital Twin.