HI-Lab @Cagliari

Our software development team gets bigger

2022 has been a year of growth and change. New team members have joined our software development headquarter in via del Mercato Vecchio, Cagliari. Our goal is to enhance the talents within the Sardinian district, in terms of skills and computational ability.

Salvatore Carta is our HI-Lab Coordinator, he’s an expert in ML and AI and is able to manage the entire software development life cycle. In February 2022, over 10 members joined our development team.

Research project

HIKU is kicking off a new collaboration with the BIP Group @ University of Turin

HIKUTM has started a research project with the Brain Plasticity and behavior changes group of the Department of Psychology of the University of Turin. It aims at understanding the cognitive processes involved in the construction of a knowledge system. They focus on the collaborative dimension of knowledge construction and on the influence of personal, social and communicative variables. Their main goal is to motivate and reward all users when building the corporate knowledge.

Hello, HIKUTM formula!

We have worked side by side with Van Orton Design to represent our team’s experience and skills within the HIKU formula. Its colors and patterns portray the real soul of HIKU, our software which supports the team during the decision-making process. Van Orton Design has worked with clients such as Universal Music Group, Armani, Jägermeister, Warner Bros, Microsoft, ESPN, Marvel, Sky, DreamWorks, Nestlé, Sisley, Rolling Stone, Colmar, Nissan, Philips, and we’re more than happy to be a part of it.